Presentation of the project “Plan P, a Constitution for the Peoples of Europe”

, par Robert Joumard

In 2007, after having explored a range of possibilities offered by the current construction of Europe [3], we took the decision to draw up our own project for a European Constitution.

This project provides a concrete example of the form “the Europe we want” could eventually take. We want to put the project into circulation in order to stimulate discussions - discussions that could lead to a text that has been adapted and approved by the largest number of Europeans possible. The finished version could then be published with a view to organizing a future European Constituent Assembly responsible for the drafting of a founding text to be put to referendum.

The project can be seen in the Wiki section of Etienne’s site :
The forum is already up and running for comment and debate. The authors hope to achieve a wide distribution of the text, with the aim of stimulating equally wide-range discussion and proposals. In the meantime the authors may continue to develop ideas for the project.

This document presents the principal innovations introduced by “Project Plan P, a Constitution for the Peoples of Europe”. The initial version was first drafted in 2007, and we would now like to submit the present version for public debate. We have named it Plan P . . . P for People.